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Simply put, Fi-Foil is the leader - the innovator - in energy-efficient reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. We're also one of the nation's largest manufacturers and distributors.

Our two main product categories are: Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barriers

Reflective Insulation uses layers of aluminum foil, paper and/or plastic to enclose a building cavity. These layers form reflective air spaces that greatly reduce radiant heat transfer and heat flow by convection.

Radiant Barriers are used primarily to reduce radiant heat transfer without trapping air. As the name implies, radiant barriers reduce radiant heat transfer, which is often the primary method of heat gain and loss in a structure.

Our Reflective Insulation for masonry walls helps builders save costs and meet Energy Codes. Retro Shield, our revolutionary solution for metal buildings, saves energy, reduces operating costs and improves lighting. And our Radiant Barrier Program is both a profitable option for your building company and an energy-efficient, easy-to-sell upgrade for today's homebuyers.

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