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Roseburg is your fully integrated, single source producer of finely crafted decorative hardwood plywood. All of our panels are produced domestically from the finest hardwood veneer and cores available in the market. Every piece of hardwood veneer is hand selected for quality and consistency prior to being laminated to the core.

Roseburg is one of the largest manufacturers of softwood plywood in North America. We produce a broad selection of construction and industrial use panels. Virtually all softwood plywood panels produced by Roseburg are offered in a Green alternative panel.

Roseburg is one of the largest manufacturers of Industrial Plywood in North America. Each panel delivers increased value, greater durability and long-term performance. Choose a stock manufactured panel or customize a panel to exact specifications for your specific application. No matter which method of panel construction you choose, you are assured Roseburg’s Industrial panels will consistently get the job done right.

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