EcoStar Products


Category: Adhesives/Caulk/Sealant
Subcategory: Roofing Tape

Tile Tape is a solid adhesive and sealant created to be used with all EcoStar roofing systems. The tape can be utilized in flashings, tile adhesion, and the sealing of penetrations.

Category: Roofing
Subcategory: Underlayment & Sheathing

Aqua Guard is a polypropylene underlayment for use with all EcoStar roofing systems. It provides superior deck protection for the life of the roof system.

Subcategory: Shingles
Material: Composite

EcoStar's high quality, roofing products are designed to emulate the look and feel of natural slate and wood shake. The tiles are made of 100 percent recycled industrial rubber and plastic.

Subcategory: Walkway Pads

EcoStar NOVA Walkway Pads are easy to install by simply interlocking the pads, forming strong walkways across the roof. One of their greatest assets is the open octagon grid design, which allows free flow of liquids below the pads.

Category: Ventilation
Subcategory: Vent/Ridge Line

EcoStar Attic Guard provides attic ventilation at the ridge of the roof effectively removing hot, moist air that can decrease the roof’s life-span.

Category: Weatherization & Flashing
Subcategory: Ice & Water Barrier
Application: Roof

EcoStar Glacier Guard is a self adhering sheet membrane used for protecting roof substrates against moisture penetration from wind driven rain and water backup caused by ice dams.